Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A different kind of Christmas

We are going to have a different kind of Christmas this year. Away from our children for the first time since they were born. You see, I was a lucky girl growing up, all the family lived nearby. (The photo is from the late 60's, at my grandparents home for Christmas. That's me second in on the right, sitting between my grandmothers who I adored.) Yes, we were lucky. As we grew older we could visit our grandparents, parents anytime, and take our childrent to see them at will. As children, my brother and I could have a sleep over anytime at one of our grandparents on a moment's notice. Time has passed and only my brother and I are left from that photo, and because I was the oldest it was up to me to provide that "home" feeling for our children and the grandchildren. Large family feasts, time to laugh and love were many. I did what I knew I had to do, and so did my brother and his family, we gathered together and I loved it, but I also ached to see new places, have new adventures. Live where it's warmer, slower, different. Why, I'm not sure, but I always looked over the next hill most of my life. Not that I wasn't satisfied, because I was, I just wanted to see more. Having a new experience, I guess I didn't realize that it meant leaving behind. My mother's brothers always lived "away", I wonder if they thought about what they missed over the years? So as this Christmas nears, I have an ache in my heart, that I won't be with our kids and grand kids this year. (Big sigh...) Regret our move, no. Regret what I will miss, yes. The eyes of the little ones, all big with excitement and wonder, yes, I regret I'll miss that. The laughter, noise and ciaos, yes, I'll regret missing all of that. Our children know the love we have for them, the grandchildren too, but the hugs and kisses that will be missed hurts the most. So, this WILL be a different kind of Christmas, blown kisses and silly faces between us on the web-cam will have to suffice this year. But there will be a day soon, when the car will be packed and the animals will have to endure a trip to Iowa again to fill us up on hugs and kisses and time with the ones we love. Peace.........

Friday, December 14, 2007

Something New

I have to admit, I never thought it would happen to me. How many times have we said that, have I said that. Well, but by the grace of God..... I just found out I have hypo-thyroid an under active thyroid. Blood test confirmed it. Both of the girls have it, but it was not in the main line of my side of the family. The girls' dad has it. My great aunt on my father's side had HYPER, and boy was she. What a hoot...anyway, no one else had it, so I was surprised. Becky, our oldest has given me the lowdown, and every question I answered with a yes, as to the symptoms. Who knew? Becky is well read, and could teach a class on it. She is a crusader to educate people about this condition. Anyway, its a new adventure, and one mountain I will climb and see the other side. Peace....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thoughts on another Monday morning...

It's raining, in fact it rained all night. Something to be thankful for. We've had some rain lately, in fact our yard has "come back". Our filled in mosquito hole is green again. We've nurtured it like a new born baby since we reclaimed the front yard. It was billed as a pond on our listing when we first saw the place, but according to our neighbors it was insect ridden and an eye sore. Deciding to reclaim it was easy, after the backhoe found the escape route of the water it was determined we had a fissure in the underlying rock that led, I assume to the lake and that is why the "pond" always went dry, except for the myriad of cat tails and mosquito larvae, and 4 inches of tannened leaves on the bottom. We made a waterway so the water that did come into the basin would not erode the newly filled hole, backfilled it and planted Kentucky 31 to green the area. It rained enought to produce beautiful green grass, then the rain stopped, no rain for over 2.5 months. My kids get a kick out of moms obsession with this statistic. I am an "D" over "I" personallity, I don't usually do statistics, I leave that for the "S" & "C" people, and rely on them to let me know what I need to know. Anyway, I've been on a learning curve this past year, new roads, new shops, slow down, learn solitude, rely on my cell phone and web cam for company, new coloquilisms, and patients. So I guess I'll add statistics in a broad and general term to that list. The other night my son and I were on the phone and he joked that I knew the number of trees in our yard. I knew that number because I was amazed by it, it's around 60, all shapes, sizes, catagories, species. I had 6 trees in my yard in Iowa, and I had them put 60 is a bounty. He asked me why I knew the number, I gave him the same answer I just shared with you, and I detected a little snicker. Something like; "Mom is getting old, she keeps track of the weirdest things." snicker. Well, I'm not old, I am just in a place where I'm learning, and for a "D" who is used to teaching, learning is a good place.

On a different front. I ventured into Somerset on Friday. Black Friday to be exact, I had to retreat the natives were restless and I was not wearing any armor. I ran my chores, and quickly returned to the peace and tranquillity of our home. But there wasn't tranquillity, there was a leaf blower going to coax the leaves from the above said 60 trees into a pile. Jeff, blower in hand spent a good 3 hours blowing and blowing and blowing, she should have been winded, ha, but instead all he had was a sore back from hauling tarps of leaves into formation. Thank goodness for Tiger Balm and a rice sock, or I'd be hearing a whine of a grown man. Would you like a little cheese with that whine?

Today is work day, I must get back to my jewelry, I'm excited as I have not worked with pearls since I left my goldsmith back in Iowa. I've just gotten a parcel of biwa, coin and potato pearls and some gemstones that will become a new creations this week. I do miss that shop, and the great people who I worked and created with. I miss some of the fun customers that would allow me to have my way with thier stones and gold. The owner, James, is a very gifted and talented "smith". He has a clear eye and his work with metal, turn lumps of metal into graceful, elegant pieces, that are pleasing to the eye. I miss you J H. I do not have the knowledge to be a smith, the ratios, the amalgams, and mallability, but, I can do what I do. dobedobedoooooo

I am updating a few of my favorite links today also. You might want to check them out.

Last night I received an e-card from my daughter-in-law that featured our grandkids, it was so cute, I decided to create one too, here is link to ours. Enjoy!

I'ts almost 9 a.m the rain is still falling, the sky might be gray, but the earth is smiling. Peace.........

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

He's good!

All I can say is....God, you are great and mighty, and I love you!

Remember to remember Hope..

It's the day before Thanksgiving and I have to admit I'm getting excited about the holidays this year even though won't be traveling home, not enough time and I miss our family in Iowa with every beat of my heart. My excitement I guess is the child left in me that I love. I have noticed people are friendlier, more generious, I see a few more smiles here and there. I saw a lady at one of the local stores last week with "deelieboppers" with holiday streamers like icicles for a Christmas Tree on her head. I let her know I thought she looked festive, she, (I thought she worked at the store), she said she loved life and loved to have fun, she said more people smile at her and probably think her crazy, but she didn't care, she had a huge smiles of her face and I could tell she was having a ball. There is that place in each of us that wants to go back to that time in thier life where we always had rose colored glasses on. Everything was magical and new. I see that now with my grandchildren, I know they must be getting thier lists together, thumbing through the Toy's R Us catalogs, and Farm & Fleet fliers. Hope, that is what children posses and adults tend to forget... hope. Hope of things yet to come, whatever that may be.

Our daughter, Becky and daughter-in-law, Steph, are going to take Steph and Rich's children "shopping" for others. Monies will be pooled and the kids will make a food shopping list, shop for the food and take it to one of the shelters or food banks in thier town. How wonderful is that? Our Rich & Steph's kids will know that there are people out there who need help, and that they can do something about helping others. I know many turkeys will be cooked tomorrow to help feed the homeless in our hometown in Iowa, and I am humbled that these little ones will help to feed them. Then, our daughter Becky & her husband Brad are going to go help serve at one of these dinners. Isn't that the spirit of Thanksgiving....the native Americans helped the new settlers surivie, there are many who are just surviving today. Lets remember them too.

Black Friday will happen next, I choose not to giving there only taking.

We are going to keep things simple this year, we'll remember to remember hope, joy, love and most of all peace.......

Friday, November 9, 2007

Are there Wolves in S E Kentucky?

Last night as I was about to let my dogs out before turning in for the night, I was startled as I opened my front door. Just off my front porch were two huge wolves. Just last weekend someone remarked that they had seen a wolf who had been hit on the interstate not far from here. He had heard they were being reintroduced to Kentucky. I am sure they were not coyotes, I've been close to coyotes, these animals were much larger, and had dark guard-haired coats. They both jumped as soon as I opened the door, they had been drinking out of the water bowls I keep for the birds. They were very startled. I had noticed the past week or so that the dogs go nose nuts around the bowls in the morning, and search for "something" and look off into the woods across from us. I knew something had been visiting in the night because Snickers has growled during the night and was looking out our window. I did startle these guys, thank goodness I have a storm door. They ran to the other side of the road and turned and looked over at me and now the crazed dogs that were in the house wanting out. Then they took off to who knows where. I have seen wolves in natural museums and at a Bass World museum in Missouri. These animals were as large and the same colors as the wolves I've seen stuffed. My thoughts cool...........keep your eyes open girl when you walk.....I don't have a big that would do any good. Duke was ready for the fight, he barked and growled, all 7 pounds of him. Snickers is VERY protective of her domain and just about went through the glass door......well it took sometime to settledown for bed. I did have to get up at 3 a.m. to let them out because I wouldn't let them out earlier and I didn't want puddles in the morning. Now I have a new sound to listen for in the night and I am truly excited that nature rules here close to the Daniel Boone National Forest. Life is as it should be.........peace!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sometimes I don't know where the time goes, October is more than half over, we've been here almost 10 whole months now. Fall is in the air, it's warm days and cool nights, just what trees need to drop their leaves, and make us sleep like babies. Speaking of trees, we've raked leaves 7 times already, but I do love raking, leaves, and more are falling right now so next weekend we'll get another workout. My business is growing and I have several clients to take care of, hear me, I'm not complaings, I love it. Somedays, I find myself running....tired, so tired, so I go to staring off into the views around me, worn out. ZZZZzzz. Tired can be a good feeling, being that dog gone tired from work.....So, what am I learning, I'm always wanting to learn. I am learning to be "part-of"...part-of nature, part of a community I did not grow up in....part of. When I was in Iowa I was "striving" now I'm living.......big difference!

We went to Cumberland Falls State Park yesterday to see the falls, the trees were muted, but still the colors rang out and dwarfed me. Of course the rocks, I'm crazy about rocks if you didn't know, I have them everywhere, I have baskets, bowls, trays, they sit on the floor, everywhere, everywhere, of rocks in my house, I have a rock garden, I moved my rocks when we came from Iowa, hundreds of pounds of rocks. So the H U G E rocks below the falls were something for me to see. I enjoyed the vita's, and walk with my hubby Jeff and little Duke. I know our kids would love to see this and we spoke about it and that is partially why I'm blogging about it, it is part of the whole-thing. Many "parts-of" make a whole, that is what I wish to be...whole. Well rounded, balanced, seeing with peripheral vision so I may "take it all in". I'm a curious woman, I want to know more and I want to know 'why'. Only about certian things that is, I dare not want to go where God needs to be, I mean I let him figure things out I know are more than I can handle or bare or bear. fffffttttt. I spoke to a dear friend on the phone today, she lives in WA state, we've known each other since 1961, so we've been friends for a while, she tells me her daughter and 4 children moved back in, her husband "went off his meds" and went sideways.........she is a social worker, singer, lover of great wines, I know this would be something that God would have to handle for I could not bare..........She still sings, smiles, and yes puts on lipstick, and REALLY enjoys a glass of wine after dinner. She has balance, she must to bare it all..........On the other hand, I received a gift in the mail today from my dear friend Jodi in Iowa. She is the one who had the motorcycle wreck in July while I was home...she's better and sent me a lovely luminating candle globe with cutouts of stars to let the light shine through, she wrote that I was a shining light. How nice. Light is something very deep, it is something that one can see, but not touch, use but not hoard, enjoy but not posess, like love. I've added a photo of my last rose of fall, it too eminates light. I've cut the vine to the ground 4 times this year and each time it has come back and produced beautiful blooms...........less is more......I believe.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Blessed for another day, another year!

Yes, it happened, last week, another year older, (I'm hanging at 39) but my birth cert says older. My kids and grand kids sent me flowers aren't they great? I don't feel it, but I'm 55 now and groovin' each and everyday. Today is organization day, out with the old and in with the new. I had to make room for my inventory on my website. Been busy making and creating. Love the freedom. Love to be creative, but I do miss my ole buddies at J H Revell and all the great customers I got to know. I loved creating new exciting pieces with beautiful diamonds and other stones. Got the groove agoin', I'm doing my own pieces now, have much to learn, but heck I've the time, so lets see where this will go, I'm having fun anyway. If you've not heard, I have a new website, a gallery for my pieces, check it out....the address is: Please leave a message on the guestbook ok?

I'm also becoming a webmaster, been doing a few websites and maintenance and newsletters too, and I'm having a ball! I never guessed I could do this, but I can. Life is short and I want to pack as much as I can into this journey. Who knows what next year might bring.....peace!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Raking Leaves...

Today, I raked and raked, and raked..... and raked and raked...........................................

and raked.....until the rake broke. So then I sat.......done raking for the day....


Duke is getting big, I guess that is because he eats ants, especially the ones that get on the Hummingbird feeder.....I guess they're sweet!

Don't mess with me mom, I'm busy....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Late Summer thoughts

It's the middle of September already, where has the year gone? It seems like we just arrived in the the shadows of the Smokey Mts., and now we are looking at 9 months in this lovely place. The air is crisp and clean. All is vivid and hues of color are all around us. As for Jeff and I, well, we have had to "shift" our thinking a bit, hold our tongues at times. Take a deep breath, because we want to "go fast" like the pace in Iowa. That pace does not work in Kentucky. Today Jeff and i went to the Spoonbread Festival in Berea, KY, about 40 miles northeast of us. Beautiful weather, in the 60's, clean fresh air, trees are starting to turn (because of the draught) so we had a wonderful drive. Berea is the mecca for crafting, there is even a school here to keep the "Appalachian Heritage" alive. Cool. Well, we ate Spoonbread, it was very very yummy. You look it up on-line then make some, it will make you smile. We saw young and old, cloggers, tons of motorcycles, (I don't know what motorcycles has to do with Appalachian Heritage), but they were there. Gourde painters, that was cool, weavers, bowl makers, clay and wood. Of course you could get a samplin of Spoonbread. Corndogs and funnel cakes were there too, but we stuck to the Spoonbread with delight. In October there will be an Art's and Crafts Weekend put on by the school, which allows the judged vendors to show their wares. I am looking forward to this and I plan on attending. In the city of Berea is the Boone Tavern. Close to Berea is Boonesboro, KY, where Daniel Boone had a fort. We have not traveled there yet, but will in the future. The people here are the settlers of this nation. The majority of the eastern Ky people are of Irish, and Scottish decent. Electric blue eyes usually look back at me, and I'm impressed. These are hard to the bone working people. They don't have much, but are willing to share what they have. If you smile their face lights up, and their blue eyes speak to me of their life. A conversation ensues and I am enlightened by their stories and friendliness. I am learning to go s l o w. It's nice not always being in a hurry. We took Duke with us, and of course Jeff was the COA with children and adults alike. Wanting to know what kind of dog he was, how old and so on. Fun....Duke enjoyed himself and he too likes Spoonbread. There was a band playing, not the hard rock or wild music or even Bix music, but bluegrass and folk, it was a nice change. I still have not mastered the mandolin yet, but I'm a workin' on it. Easy, I guess that's the word that comes to mind for today. Yes, there were traffic jams, Jeff hates traffic, and yes you could buy knitted toilet paper covers. "There must be a need for those things, because invariably you find them at every craft show." But all in all it was an easy day. When we got home, Duke was happy to see Snickers and they played in the yard, I got my new magazine and sat on the porch in the cool sunlit air, and I smiled...........peace.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Thoughts on a Monday morning...

Mondays are quite days for me and I get to thinking, sometimes too much about "things". My recent trip to Iowa, the bridge collapse in Minnesota, the War, friends, new experiences. I have learned to take each subject first of all with a deep breath, then one-at-a-time.
My trip to Iowa, was just what I needed, seeing the faces of those I love, being able to touch those faces, getting great hugs, being surrounded by those that love you, and terrible at the same time. Let me explain. I enjoyed being in my hometown, seeing faces I know, being with family and friends, that part was great, filled my heart and warmed my soul. But, it made me realize how much time I wasted in the past.. don't we all waste time now and again. The "I would haves" can drive one crazy. I pursued things that in fact brought no joy, didn't enrich my life the way my family does, words that come to mind are stress, pressure, isolation in my past pursuits. Funny how the mind works. I guess I was surprised how much people do like me, now, please don't think I'm being conceited, I'm not, I am genuinely surprised. I thought people liked me because of this thing I could do for them or "that" gesture, not just because of me. I guess i thought I always had to produce to be liked........hmmm, that's sad and not true. I didn't allow me to be just me because of that, warped mindset, but that was my reality. I have learned a life lesson, I can be "me", because, I am. In Kentucky nobody knows me or has any expectation of me. It's made me aware that these good folks like me, greet me just the way my friends and family greeted me at home. No, I am far from perfect, but likeable, I've learned. Great. One subject to check off that Monday list of mine.

The bridge collapse in Minnesota. I've been over that bridge a few times in my life, in fact my son and his family crossed it just about 3 weeks ago on their way home from vacation. There are a few things in my life I don't like and bridges are at the top of that short list. I have always felt very vunerable when crossing ANY bridge. Who says it safe? the same people who inspect hundreds of bridges across the country. It's sorta like the people who's job it is to read momograms, they see so many films, more are clean than bad, so, cancer is missed daily........ Now, of course this does not mean, I won't be going anywhere, because just to get off this mountain I have to cross a bridge, it's the only way off, over a train I will put my life in someone elses hands for those breif seconds, and pray they did their job....
The heart aches for the moms, dads, brothers and sisters of the solders that have lost thier lives. We have had wars since the beginning of time. They won't end until Jesus comes heart still aches though.

Friends, now that encompasses many levels. My children are my friends, I believe. My brother is my friend, so are my dogs and cats, and Jeff, he is my friend. But, in this case I am thinking of one friend. To look as us if we stood next to each other, you'd never guess we were together. But, we are, we were and we will be. I am speaking of my friend, Jodi. She was the friend who was in a terrible accident on her Harley while I was home visiting. I drove to Madison, WI before returing home to Kentucky to see for my own eyes she was going to be ok. She will be ok, and for that I'm greatful. She is in Clinton, IA in a hospital there, doing rehab, fighting infection, working hard to move her legs, waiting for her cast on her right hand and arm to be removed. Having to cut her great new hairdo, so it will be easy to keep clean while wearing a halo. Jodi is one of those people you love to be around. She makes life easy, happy, fun for all those around her. Now she is the one struggling. Oh, and the worman ( I mis-spelled that on purpose) that hit her? No insurance......does not look like any charges will be filed either. So those of you that read this don't have to pay your insurance bill and can fall asleep at the wheel of your car and "no troubles mate". I miss my friend, I pray for her speedy recovering, and know you are loved. that is a mouthfull. Two of the grandkids started kindergarden this month. Sarah will start on the 16th, and she is ready. Ian started last Thursday (go figure) and his mom says he loved it. These two children are quite bright. Now, don't give me the look, every Grandmother thinks their grandkids are bright, but these two really are. Sarah reads and writes quite well. She's very artistic, loves to draw and has great hand/eye control. Ian is a thinker, he has a great vocabulary and loves books. The Class of 2020 look out here comes some shining stars.

New experiences, I look forward to them. I used to dread them. Oh, I knew they'd come, but never quite embraced them as I do today. I'm still working on gardening, flower gardening, I used to kill silk plants, now with the help of books, I'm learning to nurture them. Hmmmm, maybe I'll learn to nurture myself too. Next Tuesday, I'll be attending something I've always wanted to try, and I must say working for James at J H Revell Goldsmiths have given me the know how to creating jewelry with form and design. So, I will be attending Sheltowee Artisans. They are a group of crafts-people who make diverse items for their pleasure and profit. I have resumed making jewelry and look forward to learning how far I can go in this endeavour. One thing I know for sure is that I enjoy this part of my life. Only positive words here.

Oh, I must write about a new places that we experienced yesterday on one of your Sunday explorations. We drove to Buck Creek boat ramp about 20 miles from our home. It's tucked down in a valley surrounded by mountains. We stopped for a photo op. Jeff stepped out, looked up and gasped. Above us, was a huge rock overhang, looming above us 100 feet or more. My legs went numb, me feet felt heavy, and I wanted to scream, run and wet myself all at the same time. On top of the ledge, were huge trees soaring 50 - 100 feet further into the atmosphere, creating a HUGE weight on said ledge (at least in my mind). I was sure it would all come crashing down on us and our car. We moved the car, regained our composure and enjoyed the view...........whew!
Well, enough of my ramblings for a Monday morning.........I have work to do, dogs
to let out, cats to feed, laundry to put away and a bed to make. Peace.........

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My trip to Iowa

We made it home from a great trip to see family and friends. My babies are growing by leaps and bounds, and I enjoyed every minute of every day!

Duke had a good time too, he found out there were other people in the world and he grew like crazy. He even took a swim in my son's pool!

Our family got together quite a bit to PARTY!

We had a get together on Saturday evening after I arrived, then on Sunday afternoon we had a pool party at Rich & Stephs we had fun, lots of laughs and everyone got wet!

I was able to visit, relax, get updated, spend time with special friends. Mrs. Hamilton is one of my favorite people, and it was good to see her. I also got to spend time with my buddy Jodi Feller.
This turned out to be a very special visit as she was in a terrible motorycycle accident 2 days after this photo was shot and I traveled to Madison WI to visit her in the trama center. I am pleased to report she is on the road to recovery, however she had us scared. Get better my friend! We love you!

Here are more photos from Iowa!

This is my brother Bill in white and my son Rich in blue. My grandson Ian decided to crash the photo but didn't turn around in time.

Here is Lara with Anniken in the pool, cool shades little guy!

This was Saturday night at Beck and Brads......great to see everyone!

Bill and I clowning around...

Richie taking a nap! He'll kill me for this.........

Bill, Vicki and Steph enjoying a day at the pool

A day of fun

Just chillin', Sarah and her friend Rachel use their artisic talents with

chalk drawings!

Everyone loves Duke!

Grace loves Duke!

Rich loves Duke!
Lara loves Duke!

Sarah and Rachel loves Duke!

Joy loves Duke

I guess Duke is a pretty lucky little fellow!

Sarah just learned to ride her 2 wheeler!

We met up with my co-works from J H Revell Jewelers & Goldsmiths and had a little fun at
Texas Roadhouse. I even got a free tee-shirt! Wooohoo

I believe Beck and Brad were starting to show the wear from "mom" being
home too long.

All in all I had a great time, saw alot of my friends, got to shop a little at
TJ Maxx, and other places I love. Had lunch with Audry, saw our cruizin' buddies Rick and Sandy,saw Larry and Sherry out and about, got tons of kisses and hugs to last me a while, but it was good to get back to my Kentucky home where my honey was a waitin' and my little corner of the world was just as I left it. Beautiful!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Getting ready to leave for a visit to Iowa

Tomorrow I leave for Iowa, I'm so excited to see all my grandbabies and grown kids. It's been over 6 months since I've had baby kisses from Alex, Grace, Ian, Sarah or Anniken. Life is way too short to stay away from these little ones for too long. This will require a 10 hour (at the shortest) drive. Since Duke will be joining me for this little trip, it might take longer because of his small bladder, not to mention mine. Ha! No coffee for me. He'll keep me awake, this dog in never still. I only wish I had that much energy. Luckly, he loves his little doggie crate which is soft-sided, and he'll have his blankie with him so off we'll go. He's also grown quite a bit since this photo was taken and timid is not exactly how I'd describe him even though he looks cute and innocent in this shot. He's a Great Dane in disguise.

We have had rain now for about 2 weeks and out "so-called" pond is now a lush green lawn. Thanks goodness, I never thought we'd have grass out there. Let the mowing begin!!!

July 4th was a huge success for this lake community. We had boat buzzing by our place since last weekend. Oh, and there was this HUGE houseboat, with hot tub on the top deck and slide off the back that went by and it seemed to take forever. Jet skiers are in abundance, skiers, tubers, power boaters and slow fishing boats have gone by on parade all summer, but particularly this last week. The land party started last weekend with Somerfest held at our park. The Kentucky Headhunters (from Glascow, Ky) and Exile performed and then a huge fireworks display ensewed. Of couse Snickers (the dog) has been catatonic all week as personal fireworks are legal in this state. Thank goodness for the rain!!!

The last weekend in June Jeff and I attended the Kentucky AppalachianCraft Fair at our local arena. They had really cool stuff, dulcimers, baskets, rugs, quilts, jewelry, brooms etc. were show and available for purchase. I met a few neat gals, struck up great conversation and cut to the end, I've been invited to attend their local guild called Sheltowee Artisans. This is a "judged" group. They said they need more jewelry makers, so next month I'm going. I have been beading for a couple years now and have sold at the Farmers Market in Iowa. But I'm really excited to let this passion I have take off. We'll see what happens. I just got in a supply of very cool semi-precious beads to make different items with. I love working with sterling silver and natural stones. Above is a sample of one of my early necklaces.

Also I have decided to teach myself the mandolin. I've always been intrigued by its sound and purchased one earlier this month. It is scheduled to arrive today, I can't hardly wait. Being a Music Education Major in college gave me a love for all instruments, so this will be fun. Who knows maybe you'll see me on YouTube some day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Well, much to do, I must cook for Jeff, he somehow forgot, so he won't waste away to nothing, I'm cooking a few dished for him for while I'm away. Have a wonderful July. Peace.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A day after the rain

We finally had rain yesterday. Last rain was May 4th! Oh my...The dogs and I sat on the porch as the rain kissed the dry hard ground. Soon the peepers deep in the dry wood started to sing their song of rejoicement. It was a quite, slow, warm rain, the Earth appreciated every drop. Snickers went out and stood in it. Duke had never seen it, so, he was quite puzzled by each drop. Our "so-called, filled in pond" was thankful, because now the grass will grow. The sound was lovely, I lingered on the porch and gave thanks for each and every drop. So, come on summer, we've been refreshed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another day.....

The first day of summer is just around the corner and sundown is a great time of the day here on the lake. We love the peacefulness here, the beauty and the journey God is allowing us to take. No, it's not Iowa, in the fact that our family, friends and well known names like Kimberly Rd, and Brady St are not here, but, Cumberland Gap, Great Smokey Mts., Boone Natl Forest are the names we are getting acquainted with now. So, Jeff and I look to find the new adventures, names and faces we will get to know, and are thankful of the opportunity that lies before us.

We took a trip to Pigon Forge, TN , that is where Dollywood is located, about a month ago, it's the Wisconsin Dells of the Smokeys only bigger. Same traffic jams, same discount surf shops, surf shops ~in the mountains?!? Well, it was a T R I P, one that Jeff does not want to revisit, I think Cades Cove will be our next adventure. Too many cars and lines, gawkers, children running, screams from the bungi jumpers, food, tons of places for you to lay down some green to be entertained for us. Yup, just like the Dells.

Somerset, the town adjacent to Burnside (where we live) is a "small town" with a big lake in it's backyard, so we have alot of tourists because of Lake Cumberland. It's the second largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi River, and so here comes the tourists. We have the boat traffic on the weekends, the Saturday night stock car race that echo's up the lake, and traffic to contend with every weekend, but during the week and actually everyday we have the beauty of the mountains, and forest. Riding our motorcycles is a BLAST here, lots of roads that snake around the mountains and hills, and of course beautiful vistas and overlooks.

This spring Jeff spotted a black bear across the road from our home one early, I keep my eyes open and watch the dogs carefully. We have deer that silently pass by, our late-night diner on fallen birdseed, Rocky Raccoon, and a VERY LOUD Whipporwill that is desperate to find a mate. All in all, it's a completely different life from Iowa, but a very wonderful place, this Kentucky.

We are about an hour and a half from Knoxville, TN or Lexington, KY so if I am in need of a TJ Maxx or Steinmart fix; it is possible and within reason. Gas prices are hovering at $2.89 a gallon, I'd hate to have a dual engined boat that gussels gas, but running around isn't out of the question.

On the flip side, there is alot of poverty here. I have learned that some families in our county, and other surrounding counties do not have running water, or electricty. They don't drive, and many are underfed and undereducated. This disturbs me immensly. I know this is more prevlent in the south, but have seen it first hand and it's different than just hearing about it. So, pray for these folks, that is the very best thing anyone can do is pray. I know the good Lord is a whole lot smarter than me or Gov. Ernie Fletcher and He'll know a solution, and if that involves me, well then I'll have to get involved.

Well that is all for now, I send you our our love and hope you have a wonderful day. Know we think about you all and miss your smiling faces. If you wish leave a comment, I'll look forward to reading them. Peace!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Today is Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Well I took the plunge and have decided on a blog to share with you. Now you won't have to worry about not getting photos or emails, and you can check on whats'up with us here in Kentucky. My friend Heidi has a blog on this site so I felt it must be a good site. So, I'll let you know when the blog has been updated with new material or photos from our life on the lake.

So, have a groovy day and take care! Claudia

A rare look at a rare man!

Jeff works at a cabinet shop, he's modeling his new workshirts!

I just love this, he's really being a wild and crazy guy!
Less stress more laughs! He really likes being an employee, not an employer!

Snapshots of the 4-legged variety!

Duke is the newest baby in the house...
Harley thinks he's a dog!

Hannah is the shy one...

Snickers is the grande dame of the house, I'm so glad they let us live with them! Ha!