Thursday, September 25, 2008

Miss Them

Sarah my "bead girl" .................................... Grace, easy to be with, loves to laugh............
Alex, smart, inquisitive, cool guy.................. Ian & Anniken, sweet hearts who loves to laugh..

All these children are part of me, their mannerisms, smiles, frowns, likes and dislikes, and I miss them terribly. Sarah loves to bead, make her own earrings, or crown as she is wearing in the photo, I saw her born, quite and peacful. Grace is great to snuggle with, she loves to tell stories, she'll be 9 on Friday, I was there at her birth, it seems like just a few days ago, her warmth fills a room, Alex is full of questions, ideas, and opinions. He loves creepy mouse, and laps are his favorite place to sit. Ian is a shinning soul, with wit, warmth and goofy laughter, his birth was somethig to behold, he never took his eyes of his mom, and Anniken is finding his voice, his smile is contagious, and his heart big. These little people will have a new playmate next year, a new little soul will venture into our crazy world, and bless us with smiles and laughter too. I miss them, I miss them. Peace

Sunday, September 14, 2008

September is here...

I am looking forward to cooler days, and colors of our leaves to change. They are past their goal of green, and changing each day as I watch them. The lake is less busy, families are home, back to their routines, its quieter now, I'm glad. The lake has been so still. We had a mother and her baby deer pass by our front porch last night, they were a soft tan, and looked well fed. They crossed the road and disappeared into the forest. Quietly nature presents itself to us, and I pay attention to the life around us and I'm grateful. Peace.