Monday, August 6, 2007

Thoughts on a Monday morning...

Mondays are quite days for me and I get to thinking, sometimes too much about "things". My recent trip to Iowa, the bridge collapse in Minnesota, the War, friends, new experiences. I have learned to take each subject first of all with a deep breath, then one-at-a-time.
My trip to Iowa, was just what I needed, seeing the faces of those I love, being able to touch those faces, getting great hugs, being surrounded by those that love you, and terrible at the same time. Let me explain. I enjoyed being in my hometown, seeing faces I know, being with family and friends, that part was great, filled my heart and warmed my soul. But, it made me realize how much time I wasted in the past.. don't we all waste time now and again. The "I would haves" can drive one crazy. I pursued things that in fact brought no joy, didn't enrich my life the way my family does, words that come to mind are stress, pressure, isolation in my past pursuits. Funny how the mind works. I guess I was surprised how much people do like me, now, please don't think I'm being conceited, I'm not, I am genuinely surprised. I thought people liked me because of this thing I could do for them or "that" gesture, not just because of me. I guess i thought I always had to produce to be liked........hmmm, that's sad and not true. I didn't allow me to be just me because of that, warped mindset, but that was my reality. I have learned a life lesson, I can be "me", because, I am. In Kentucky nobody knows me or has any expectation of me. It's made me aware that these good folks like me, greet me just the way my friends and family greeted me at home. No, I am far from perfect, but likeable, I've learned. Great. One subject to check off that Monday list of mine.

The bridge collapse in Minnesota. I've been over that bridge a few times in my life, in fact my son and his family crossed it just about 3 weeks ago on their way home from vacation. There are a few things in my life I don't like and bridges are at the top of that short list. I have always felt very vunerable when crossing ANY bridge. Who says it safe? the same people who inspect hundreds of bridges across the country. It's sorta like the people who's job it is to read momograms, they see so many films, more are clean than bad, so, cancer is missed daily........ Now, of course this does not mean, I won't be going anywhere, because just to get off this mountain I have to cross a bridge, it's the only way off, over a train I will put my life in someone elses hands for those breif seconds, and pray they did their job....
The heart aches for the moms, dads, brothers and sisters of the solders that have lost thier lives. We have had wars since the beginning of time. They won't end until Jesus comes heart still aches though.

Friends, now that encompasses many levels. My children are my friends, I believe. My brother is my friend, so are my dogs and cats, and Jeff, he is my friend. But, in this case I am thinking of one friend. To look as us if we stood next to each other, you'd never guess we were together. But, we are, we were and we will be. I am speaking of my friend, Jodi. She was the friend who was in a terrible accident on her Harley while I was home visiting. I drove to Madison, WI before returing home to Kentucky to see for my own eyes she was going to be ok. She will be ok, and for that I'm greatful. She is in Clinton, IA in a hospital there, doing rehab, fighting infection, working hard to move her legs, waiting for her cast on her right hand and arm to be removed. Having to cut her great new hairdo, so it will be easy to keep clean while wearing a halo. Jodi is one of those people you love to be around. She makes life easy, happy, fun for all those around her. Now she is the one struggling. Oh, and the worman ( I mis-spelled that on purpose) that hit her? No insurance......does not look like any charges will be filed either. So those of you that read this don't have to pay your insurance bill and can fall asleep at the wheel of your car and "no troubles mate". I miss my friend, I pray for her speedy recovering, and know you are loved. that is a mouthfull. Two of the grandkids started kindergarden this month. Sarah will start on the 16th, and she is ready. Ian started last Thursday (go figure) and his mom says he loved it. These two children are quite bright. Now, don't give me the look, every Grandmother thinks their grandkids are bright, but these two really are. Sarah reads and writes quite well. She's very artistic, loves to draw and has great hand/eye control. Ian is a thinker, he has a great vocabulary and loves books. The Class of 2020 look out here comes some shining stars.

New experiences, I look forward to them. I used to dread them. Oh, I knew they'd come, but never quite embraced them as I do today. I'm still working on gardening, flower gardening, I used to kill silk plants, now with the help of books, I'm learning to nurture them. Hmmmm, maybe I'll learn to nurture myself too. Next Tuesday, I'll be attending something I've always wanted to try, and I must say working for James at J H Revell Goldsmiths have given me the know how to creating jewelry with form and design. So, I will be attending Sheltowee Artisans. They are a group of crafts-people who make diverse items for their pleasure and profit. I have resumed making jewelry and look forward to learning how far I can go in this endeavour. One thing I know for sure is that I enjoy this part of my life. Only positive words here.

Oh, I must write about a new places that we experienced yesterday on one of your Sunday explorations. We drove to Buck Creek boat ramp about 20 miles from our home. It's tucked down in a valley surrounded by mountains. We stopped for a photo op. Jeff stepped out, looked up and gasped. Above us, was a huge rock overhang, looming above us 100 feet or more. My legs went numb, me feet felt heavy, and I wanted to scream, run and wet myself all at the same time. On top of the ledge, were huge trees soaring 50 - 100 feet further into the atmosphere, creating a HUGE weight on said ledge (at least in my mind). I was sure it would all come crashing down on us and our car. We moved the car, regained our composure and enjoyed the view...........whew!
Well, enough of my ramblings for a Monday morning.........I have work to do, dogs
to let out, cats to feed, laundry to put away and a bed to make. Peace.........