Thursday, July 19, 2007

My trip to Iowa

We made it home from a great trip to see family and friends. My babies are growing by leaps and bounds, and I enjoyed every minute of every day!

Duke had a good time too, he found out there were other people in the world and he grew like crazy. He even took a swim in my son's pool!

Our family got together quite a bit to PARTY!

We had a get together on Saturday evening after I arrived, then on Sunday afternoon we had a pool party at Rich & Stephs we had fun, lots of laughs and everyone got wet!

I was able to visit, relax, get updated, spend time with special friends. Mrs. Hamilton is one of my favorite people, and it was good to see her. I also got to spend time with my buddy Jodi Feller.
This turned out to be a very special visit as she was in a terrible motorycycle accident 2 days after this photo was shot and I traveled to Madison WI to visit her in the trama center. I am pleased to report she is on the road to recovery, however she had us scared. Get better my friend! We love you!

Here are more photos from Iowa!

This is my brother Bill in white and my son Rich in blue. My grandson Ian decided to crash the photo but didn't turn around in time.

Here is Lara with Anniken in the pool, cool shades little guy!

This was Saturday night at Beck and Brads......great to see everyone!

Bill and I clowning around...

Richie taking a nap! He'll kill me for this.........

Bill, Vicki and Steph enjoying a day at the pool

A day of fun

Just chillin', Sarah and her friend Rachel use their artisic talents with

chalk drawings!

Everyone loves Duke!

Grace loves Duke!

Rich loves Duke!
Lara loves Duke!

Sarah and Rachel loves Duke!

Joy loves Duke

I guess Duke is a pretty lucky little fellow!

Sarah just learned to ride her 2 wheeler!

We met up with my co-works from J H Revell Jewelers & Goldsmiths and had a little fun at
Texas Roadhouse. I even got a free tee-shirt! Wooohoo

I believe Beck and Brad were starting to show the wear from "mom" being
home too long.

All in all I had a great time, saw alot of my friends, got to shop a little at
TJ Maxx, and other places I love. Had lunch with Audry, saw our cruizin' buddies Rick and Sandy,saw Larry and Sherry out and about, got tons of kisses and hugs to last me a while, but it was good to get back to my Kentucky home where my honey was a waitin' and my little corner of the world was just as I left it. Beautiful!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Getting ready to leave for a visit to Iowa

Tomorrow I leave for Iowa, I'm so excited to see all my grandbabies and grown kids. It's been over 6 months since I've had baby kisses from Alex, Grace, Ian, Sarah or Anniken. Life is way too short to stay away from these little ones for too long. This will require a 10 hour (at the shortest) drive. Since Duke will be joining me for this little trip, it might take longer because of his small bladder, not to mention mine. Ha! No coffee for me. He'll keep me awake, this dog in never still. I only wish I had that much energy. Luckly, he loves his little doggie crate which is soft-sided, and he'll have his blankie with him so off we'll go. He's also grown quite a bit since this photo was taken and timid is not exactly how I'd describe him even though he looks cute and innocent in this shot. He's a Great Dane in disguise.

We have had rain now for about 2 weeks and out "so-called" pond is now a lush green lawn. Thanks goodness, I never thought we'd have grass out there. Let the mowing begin!!!

July 4th was a huge success for this lake community. We had boat buzzing by our place since last weekend. Oh, and there was this HUGE houseboat, with hot tub on the top deck and slide off the back that went by and it seemed to take forever. Jet skiers are in abundance, skiers, tubers, power boaters and slow fishing boats have gone by on parade all summer, but particularly this last week. The land party started last weekend with Somerfest held at our park. The Kentucky Headhunters (from Glascow, Ky) and Exile performed and then a huge fireworks display ensewed. Of couse Snickers (the dog) has been catatonic all week as personal fireworks are legal in this state. Thank goodness for the rain!!!

The last weekend in June Jeff and I attended the Kentucky AppalachianCraft Fair at our local arena. They had really cool stuff, dulcimers, baskets, rugs, quilts, jewelry, brooms etc. were show and available for purchase. I met a few neat gals, struck up great conversation and cut to the end, I've been invited to attend their local guild called Sheltowee Artisans. This is a "judged" group. They said they need more jewelry makers, so next month I'm going. I have been beading for a couple years now and have sold at the Farmers Market in Iowa. But I'm really excited to let this passion I have take off. We'll see what happens. I just got in a supply of very cool semi-precious beads to make different items with. I love working with sterling silver and natural stones. Above is a sample of one of my early necklaces.

Also I have decided to teach myself the mandolin. I've always been intrigued by its sound and purchased one earlier this month. It is scheduled to arrive today, I can't hardly wait. Being a Music Education Major in college gave me a love for all instruments, so this will be fun. Who knows maybe you'll see me on YouTube some day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Well, much to do, I must cook for Jeff, he somehow forgot, so he won't waste away to nothing, I'm cooking a few dished for him for while I'm away. Have a wonderful July. Peace.