Monday, November 26, 2007

Thoughts on another Monday morning...

It's raining, in fact it rained all night. Something to be thankful for. We've had some rain lately, in fact our yard has "come back". Our filled in mosquito hole is green again. We've nurtured it like a new born baby since we reclaimed the front yard. It was billed as a pond on our listing when we first saw the place, but according to our neighbors it was insect ridden and an eye sore. Deciding to reclaim it was easy, after the backhoe found the escape route of the water it was determined we had a fissure in the underlying rock that led, I assume to the lake and that is why the "pond" always went dry, except for the myriad of cat tails and mosquito larvae, and 4 inches of tannened leaves on the bottom. We made a waterway so the water that did come into the basin would not erode the newly filled hole, backfilled it and planted Kentucky 31 to green the area. It rained enought to produce beautiful green grass, then the rain stopped, no rain for over 2.5 months. My kids get a kick out of moms obsession with this statistic. I am an "D" over "I" personallity, I don't usually do statistics, I leave that for the "S" & "C" people, and rely on them to let me know what I need to know. Anyway, I've been on a learning curve this past year, new roads, new shops, slow down, learn solitude, rely on my cell phone and web cam for company, new coloquilisms, and patients. So I guess I'll add statistics in a broad and general term to that list. The other night my son and I were on the phone and he joked that I knew the number of trees in our yard. I knew that number because I was amazed by it, it's around 60, all shapes, sizes, catagories, species. I had 6 trees in my yard in Iowa, and I had them put 60 is a bounty. He asked me why I knew the number, I gave him the same answer I just shared with you, and I detected a little snicker. Something like; "Mom is getting old, she keeps track of the weirdest things." snicker. Well, I'm not old, I am just in a place where I'm learning, and for a "D" who is used to teaching, learning is a good place.

On a different front. I ventured into Somerset on Friday. Black Friday to be exact, I had to retreat the natives were restless and I was not wearing any armor. I ran my chores, and quickly returned to the peace and tranquillity of our home. But there wasn't tranquillity, there was a leaf blower going to coax the leaves from the above said 60 trees into a pile. Jeff, blower in hand spent a good 3 hours blowing and blowing and blowing, she should have been winded, ha, but instead all he had was a sore back from hauling tarps of leaves into formation. Thank goodness for Tiger Balm and a rice sock, or I'd be hearing a whine of a grown man. Would you like a little cheese with that whine?

Today is work day, I must get back to my jewelry, I'm excited as I have not worked with pearls since I left my goldsmith back in Iowa. I've just gotten a parcel of biwa, coin and potato pearls and some gemstones that will become a new creations this week. I do miss that shop, and the great people who I worked and created with. I miss some of the fun customers that would allow me to have my way with thier stones and gold. The owner, James, is a very gifted and talented "smith". He has a clear eye and his work with metal, turn lumps of metal into graceful, elegant pieces, that are pleasing to the eye. I miss you J H. I do not have the knowledge to be a smith, the ratios, the amalgams, and mallability, but, I can do what I do. dobedobedoooooo

I am updating a few of my favorite links today also. You might want to check them out.

Last night I received an e-card from my daughter-in-law that featured our grandkids, it was so cute, I decided to create one too, here is link to ours. Enjoy!

I'ts almost 9 a.m the rain is still falling, the sky might be gray, but the earth is smiling. Peace.........

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