Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm making a public announcement!
'I fixed the dishwasher myself."

Now, let's see how long it lasts............Peace

Friday, July 25, 2008

Days are growing shorter

School supplies are in the stores, fall colors are on the racks. But, hey summer is still here! The temps reminds us, the deep blue sky yells it, the downpours prove it. I'm not ready to let go of summer just yet. Although fall is my favorite time of year, this summer has been different. It's been sweeter, more friendly...I actually have liked this summer in spite of the 90+ temps. I've taken the time to stay out in the heat, tend my flowers, and two tomato plants, yummy. I watch the lizards skitter across the hot cement of our drive and enjoy our little goldfinches take a cool drink from the water bowls I put on our porch for them each day. Dragonflies dance on the wind, and visit me with a simple kiss once in a while. Hummingbirds protect "their" feeders, chirp their victories at each other, then soar away to the treetops to survey their kingdom. They are mighty warriors, those wee little birds! Simple, watchful kind of summer.

I have taken a few hours each day to steal away over to Millies to enjoy her company and her gracious invitation to enjoy her pool. Millie is 78 in biological years, but she's really 39. She's spunky, wise, gentle and kind. She has 4 grown boys, and 9 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. She tells wonderful stories of Kentucky, her life, and "woods and lake" wisdom. She's never met a stranger, and I feel like a part of her family. She is wonderful. I enjoy a little splash in the pool, but the company is much more of a quench of the soul. An unconditional friendship has occured and I'm blessed to have it. Life is good. Summer is sweet. Peace

Monday, July 21, 2008

Each day a new suprise!

I have to admit my title is tongue in cheek. This has been an unusually expensive summer. First I get sick, Dr. and hospital bills, then the fridge goes out, and I put a new stove in too. New roof, it was very leaky, then a new computer, the old one burnt up, I was in a wreck on July 3rd, new car. Now the dishwasher goes out, not on vacation or a date but to the mortuary. This house is not that old, only 5 years old, "what's up" I scream. I'm not made of money. OK, take a it a test of my additude? Or faith? Or sanity? I do not know. Things they say happen in 3's, am I good for a generation or century now? I'm not sure, but it's just stuff, and stuff goes away, problems solve themselves and all in all, life is good. Deeeeeep Breath. Peace! (oh, I put a photo of our granddaughter Sarah in as an example of how I feel!) Oh, ok, Peace!