Monday, October 22, 2007

Sometimes I don't know where the time goes, October is more than half over, we've been here almost 10 whole months now. Fall is in the air, it's warm days and cool nights, just what trees need to drop their leaves, and make us sleep like babies. Speaking of trees, we've raked leaves 7 times already, but I do love raking, leaves, and more are falling right now so next weekend we'll get another workout. My business is growing and I have several clients to take care of, hear me, I'm not complaings, I love it. Somedays, I find myself running....tired, so tired, so I go to staring off into the views around me, worn out. ZZZZzzz. Tired can be a good feeling, being that dog gone tired from work.....So, what am I learning, I'm always wanting to learn. I am learning to be "part-of"...part-of nature, part of a community I did not grow up in....part of. When I was in Iowa I was "striving" now I'm living.......big difference!

We went to Cumberland Falls State Park yesterday to see the falls, the trees were muted, but still the colors rang out and dwarfed me. Of course the rocks, I'm crazy about rocks if you didn't know, I have them everywhere, I have baskets, bowls, trays, they sit on the floor, everywhere, everywhere, of rocks in my house, I have a rock garden, I moved my rocks when we came from Iowa, hundreds of pounds of rocks. So the H U G E rocks below the falls were something for me to see. I enjoyed the vita's, and walk with my hubby Jeff and little Duke. I know our kids would love to see this and we spoke about it and that is partially why I'm blogging about it, it is part of the whole-thing. Many "parts-of" make a whole, that is what I wish to be...whole. Well rounded, balanced, seeing with peripheral vision so I may "take it all in". I'm a curious woman, I want to know more and I want to know 'why'. Only about certian things that is, I dare not want to go where God needs to be, I mean I let him figure things out I know are more than I can handle or bare or bear. fffffttttt. I spoke to a dear friend on the phone today, she lives in WA state, we've known each other since 1961, so we've been friends for a while, she tells me her daughter and 4 children moved back in, her husband "went off his meds" and went sideways.........she is a social worker, singer, lover of great wines, I know this would be something that God would have to handle for I could not bare..........She still sings, smiles, and yes puts on lipstick, and REALLY enjoys a glass of wine after dinner. She has balance, she must to bare it all..........On the other hand, I received a gift in the mail today from my dear friend Jodi in Iowa. She is the one who had the motorcycle wreck in July while I was home...she's better and sent me a lovely luminating candle globe with cutouts of stars to let the light shine through, she wrote that I was a shining light. How nice. Light is something very deep, it is something that one can see, but not touch, use but not hoard, enjoy but not posess, like love. I've added a photo of my last rose of fall, it too eminates light. I've cut the vine to the ground 4 times this year and each time it has come back and produced beautiful blooms...........less is more......I believe.

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