Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Remember to remember Hope..

It's the day before Thanksgiving and I have to admit I'm getting excited about the holidays this year even though won't be traveling home, not enough time and I miss our family in Iowa with every beat of my heart. My excitement I guess is the child left in me that I love. I have noticed people are friendlier, more generious, I see a few more smiles here and there. I saw a lady at one of the local stores last week with "deelieboppers" with holiday streamers like icicles for a Christmas Tree on her head. I let her know I thought she looked festive, she, (I thought she worked at the store), she said she loved life and loved to have fun, she said more people smile at her and probably think her crazy, but she didn't care, she had a huge smiles of her face and I could tell she was having a ball. There is that place in each of us that wants to go back to that time in thier life where we always had rose colored glasses on. Everything was magical and new. I see that now with my grandchildren, I know they must be getting thier lists together, thumbing through the Toy's R Us catalogs, and Farm & Fleet fliers. Hope, that is what children posses and adults tend to forget... hope. Hope of things yet to come, whatever that may be.

Our daughter, Becky and daughter-in-law, Steph, are going to take Steph and Rich's children "shopping" for others. Monies will be pooled and the kids will make a food shopping list, shop for the food and take it to one of the shelters or food banks in thier town. How wonderful is that? Our Rich & Steph's kids will know that there are people out there who need help, and that they can do something about helping others. I know many turkeys will be cooked tomorrow to help feed the homeless in our hometown in Iowa, and I am humbled that these little ones will help to feed them. Then, our daughter Becky & her husband Brad are going to go help serve at one of these dinners. Isn't that the spirit of Thanksgiving....the native Americans helped the new settlers surivie, there are many who are just surviving today. Lets remember them too.

Black Friday will happen next, I choose not to giving there only taking.

We are going to keep things simple this year, we'll remember to remember hope, joy, love and most of all peace.......

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