Monday, June 2, 2008

I take NOTHING for granted!

Well, it's been a while since my last entry........much has happened, none worth reporting except.........where my month of May went...
I went to Iowa April 30th for a 2 week visit and ended up not returning until May 25th. My youngest daughter Lara was going to turn 30 on May 2nd, and I wanted to surprise her by sneaking up to Iowa for a Birthday visit. Her husband and sister Becky planned a surprise party, and I love surprises, so off I drove, 10 hours to surprise my baby. Yes, I did surprise her, she almost fainted, and so did my son Rich, he was not in on it that I was coming to Iowa. His jaw dropped too. (Why do we hold our mouths funny when we dance?!?)

We partied and I stayed out until 4 a.m. dancing and showing my age. But it was all in great fun, we laughed, took crazy photos, and laughed some more. The photo on the left is of my 3 grown children and I singing at a Karaoke bar. Smoke-free bars are great, you don't go home smelling like a butt can. Loved that, I wish Kentucky was smoke-free!!!!!
Well, I had plans to spend many wonderful hours with my children, grand-children, brother and his family, friends, and even work at the goldsmiths for a day. I did get to see everyone, but by the 6th of May, I was flat on my back, thought I'd swallowed a catus. Went to the doctor, no treatment, just plenty of rest, liquids yada, yada, yada. By Saturday I was much worse, many treatments, pills and inhalers.
Mother's Day was horrible, Lara brought her sons over, but I was so sick, I didn't even enjoy the visit. Did all those pills help? No go, I got worse, to shorten this blog, let me say that by the 17th I was in BAD shape, my oldest took the reigns and told me that was enough and too me to the ER. (I must say I didn't protest too much by that time, i was getting scared.) I was coughing so much I was wore out and not able to get much breath. They gave me 2 little magic pills that stopped the coughing, gave me a breathing treatment, filled my poor dehydrated body with fluids and started the testing to find out what was going on in this poor excuse of a body. I must say, they were on the ball, kept us informed and when things would come back with a great big zero, they kept looking. Acute Bronchitis, plus an infection in the throat and severe dehydration was the final call. I've not gotten the bill yet, but I don't care, they found the answers. I guess I got into a new "germ pool" and with my lifestyle is what it is, I had no resistance to the infection. I must get out more. SO..........more rest and pills and by the 25, our 11th Anniversary, I found my way home. I cried as I entered my driveway, I missed the place, my husband, my flowers, lake, dog and cats so much that it will be a long, long time before I venture that far again. I think the kids can make this a vacation stop from now on. I have learned to take nothing for granted especially my health. Happy, I'm always happy. Oh, and I have lost about 25 pounds, that's a good thing, but a bad way to loose the weight.......Peace...