Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's quieter now

Autumn has descended on our area, the days are shorter, the nights much longer, I am looking forward to December 21st, when the days start to get longer again.

The house is much quieter now, the kids have gone back to Iowa and their busy lives. I look forward to the possibility of my brother and sister-in-law coming down for Thanksgiving. That would be a nice break for them. They deserve it, they work hard, they have not gotten away, just the two of them for a long long time, I hope they come.

I am back at it, I'm working on jewelry for my website. I created a whole line for the gallery in Savannah, GA, and now I must repopulate my site with goodies for the eyes. So today that is the plan, I've had a some ideas rumbling around in my head, and I need to see them come to reality. I love the quiet activity of creation, however Duke hates not sitting on my lap. Peace!

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