Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fun with Beck and Brad

On Sunday last we took a train trip into the Big Southfork National Recreational Area near our home. We took Becky and Brad out for the day and made some great memories. This train winds down the mountain, into valley's, through abandoned coal mines, ghost towns of shorts, across rivers, one goes back in time to another era. The weather was perfect, the sky was blue, the trees were in all their glory, and our daughter was here..............what more could we ask for?!? Beck and Brad gave us a whole week, Jeff and Brad fished on Wednesday, Beck and I played cards with the "girls", we ate, drank a little wine, walked in the leaves, and I loved them being here. The weather was perfect, cool and crisp, and them to the 80's, then back to cool. This morning it was in the upper 30's, extra blankets, I'm not ready for that cool yet. We rode the golf cart, shopped, laughed, made plans, and enjoyed each other. Becky saw a much more relaxed mother, happy and content. Heck she even saw me run.....our dog Duke took after a fox that ran across the street and up into the woods, and I was still in my PJ's and took out after him. I guess this old girl still has a bit of spunk, no track star, but I caught our dog and got him home.
Here's Becky with the "girls", these are the women of my mountain whom I've become part of there life and they mine...we play the card game; "Hand and Foot" every Wednesday, we talk about EVERYTHING from food to men, to life, and back to food. I enjoy the diversity in the ages, and lifestyles. These women are gracious, kind, generous, and I'm thankful they are in my and Jeff's life. They welcomed Becky as a daughter, she brought 2 bottles of Octoberfest wine from Galena, Il with her, they were gone before we knew it and so was the day. We had a few more days of bliss, and then Becky and Brad left this morning after breakfast, back to Iowa, to their home, their jobs and busy lives, I'm thankful they gave us a week of the precious time off and shared it with us. Peace.

Oh, I've added some of the other photos to the slide show on the left of this screen , if you double click on the slideshow, it will open into a larger new screen, I hope you enjoy them....

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