Monday, October 13, 2008

They're Heeerrrrreee!

I'm so tickled Beck and Brad have arrived and it's like we've not been seperated by time and space. Sunday we took the train down into the Big Southfork National Recreation Area, just south of our place, and had a ball. The day was warm, the sun was bright and all is well in the world. I'd love to have the whole family down here someday, we'd tear the place up with fun and giggles. Our autumn has been beautiful so far, out trees are already heavy with color, crimsons, ochres, garnets, blood oranges, breathtaking! I'm glad the kids could see our mountains full of texture and colors. Brad wants to fish today, so he's going down the road to Mary and Gary's dock and drown a few worms. I plan of just enjoying the fleeting time with our oldest and her hubby their time here will be too short. Peace!

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