Thursday, August 14, 2008


This has been quite a morning, after i finished my work and emails I happened to go on a website that allows you to peek into the lives of people you once went to school with. For me, high schools, well, that's been a long time ago. Faces, really not recognizable if met on the street, however faintly familiar are attached to some of the names. Thank goodness maiden names were there for the women, and some I still didn't remember. I left a few hello's not knowing if these will in fact ever be read by their profile owners, but my friendly nature compels me to do so. To my delight I was contacted by a friend from the late 60's, that I'd left a hello to. I must say I had a terrible crush on in my junior year in high school, and he even attended a picnic with my family out near Iowa City on hot summer's day. Fleeting is a word that would describe our relationship as he was older and off to college. Our paths have not met since that summer, yet I smiled as I read his words. He is on a journey to find enlightenment, and I am on a journey to life each day as a gift. We are not so different, yet our paths are, I believe are the same, yet very different..... I guess, simple is the word that delights me, I live very simply, yet I believe I stretch each day to it's fullest, and give all the glory to my Lord. I know that I'm not the wisest person on the planet however I choose to go for the truth, or the truth as I know it. It makes my days longer, my eyes clearer and my sleep sweeter. I am neither judge nor juror. I am excited about life, the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, it's part of the rhythm of life. At times I whine, but then since I have no cheese, I quit....ha ha. I've had moments of deep sadness that have made me a better, stronger person, more caring, less judgement I believe. I enjoy an even keel, a calm sea, and a gentle breeze. I hope my friend finds what he is searching for, he'll find it in quiet, peaceful times, and gentle smiles for those that love him. Peace


BECKY said...

Love it mom! Love the new pics too! Most of all, I LOVE YOU!

Mauiloa said...

These are very beautiful words, Claudia.

Like most of us who travel this wild road called life, it seems that you too have experienced the hills, the valleys and the detours along that road. Yet, you've obviously reached a wonderful overlook along the way and can now appreciate all that you've experienced as leading toward this moment.

Simplicity is indeed a delight and something that I've sought many different ways; yet is something that still seems to elude me.

"I enjoy an even keel, a calm sea, and a gentle breeze."

You mentioned that I had a wanderlust even back when we shared our brief relationship. As a sailor in my dreams more than in reality, I love the image above and know that my own storm-tossed life will one day find it's own quiet harbor.

It was indeed wonderful connecting with you after so long, Claudia. It constantly amazes me how the threads of friendship and love can compress time into a tiny, yet intensely brilliant diamond of joy.

Namaste, Claudia! Peace and Blessings to you.

                                 ~ that long-lost friend