Thursday, August 14, 2008

A new day a new "thing"

Hi, Nancy nurse here, It's funny how life throws ya a curve once and again. I don't like to talk about medical maladies however this one is a growing concern in the medical field. Vitamin D deficiencies. I was just diagnosed, it has a long litany of side effects. Suppressed immune system, bone loss, 70% greater chance of death...the list goes on and on. That might explain why I was so very sick in the spring and could not get better! So, I am speaking out, asking you to ask your doctor at your next appointment, or if you have a blood draw coming up to have a Vitamin D level checked. Normal range is between 32 - 100, I was at 24.7, and had symptoms I was unaware of having. However my doctor spotted them. I will not list them as I don't want people doing the self-diagnose thing. Don't go out and buy mega doses of this vitamin, you should not self-diagnose, you need to be seen by a professional. I have been placed on 50,000IU for 8 weeks, dosing one pill a week, then I will get a recheck.
Physicians are saying with people being indoors, lactose intolerant and other factors this deficiency is showing up more and more. My neighbor who is 70, her tongue was cracking down the middle, Vitamin D deficient. Who knew?!?
So, be your own health advocate, ask for a check and stay healthy!

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