Thursday, August 28, 2008


As I look around I see all a facets of this life, I use the metaphor "facets" because I see my life as a jewel. Light (life) bounces all around and shines back at others. We go though different phase, friends, struggles, highlights, and day to day living, but I've learned that my attitude makes all the difference. I have learned to be at peace with my life, the good and the bad. The part that sparkles the most is my family.
My husband is WONDERFUL, he's caring, honest, loving and kind. He cares deeply for me and shows it each and everyday. We have an easy relationship, we respect each other, and care about each others lives. I'm lucky.
Our family is also one of the facets in my life.
I miss my family, my grown children with a deep ache, my grandchildren, their lives, their growths, their special moments, but in my heart, I know I'm close, I'm with them. I miss my friends, I only had a few, but I miss them too. I have made new friends, and that has been a great liberation for me, as they have "taken me in" just as I am, not what I can do for them, or title I posses, but just because. These women are spectacular each in their own way. However they do not replace family. My family is the most precious thing to me. I don't own them, I don't posses them, I just love them with all my heart.
Our oldest daughter and her husband have just become "parents" to a 7 year old girl named, Sylvia Nanjala, she lives in Kenya and they support her. She is beautiful. Becky hopes to go meet her next year on a mission trip.
Our youngest daughter is expecting in March of 2009, she hopes for a girl, she has 2 boys. She is excited and scared at the same time. Life will be busy for this family for at least 18 more years.
Our son has 3 children, they are wonderful parents and wonderful grand kids, they are one of the facets in my life.
They all posses light, they reflect that back to me and my life, that jewel glows brighter. Peace

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