Monday, August 25, 2008


The older I get, the more I think about the changes in my life. They fall into categories: 1. Changes I've made. 2. Reluctantly made changes. And 3rd. Forced change.
Each day is a change. Our date changes, our routine sometimes changes, (thank goodness), and well I guess that is what keeps things fresh. It is said that people in general hate change. But, I like it, it keeps me guessing, aware, alive, moving forward. Wouldn't it be awful if each day were the same as yesterday?
It would be like being in prison. I was thinking about that the other day. I actually know someone who will spend the rest of their natural life in prison. No freedom, no choices, no changes. Oh, maybe to the menu of the day's food, but no changes. Day after day, the same. Year after year the same. Nothing to look forward to, except maybe a visitor now and then, but after a few years I think that would dwindle...oh change would be wonderful for this individual, low boredom threshold, but that was given away with the freedom. Imagine, no vacations, no events, no room for change, no freedom to make changes, no changes at all. Same clothes, same walls, same view..........oh I know I'd go crazy, not to mention being with the same people you were forced to be with day in and day out.
So...really is change that awful? I think not. I know I have the ability to change. I love to see what the day will bring me, what present it holds for me, what adventure I can make with my choices and changes, whether it be in attitude or mood, or decision of what to do that day. Changes have been an integral part of my life, change has made me "who I am" today. I feel like I've not been a spectator of my life but a full-blown participant. Oh yes, there are some who are spectators, the live the small, flat-butted life, watching their lives go by and not having any desire to have a say in it, no, no changes for them. No names, no judgement, just an observation, but true none the less.
Changes I've made...I've moved, gotten a divorce, remarried, started my own business, learned to drive a motorcycle and a golf cart, took up golf, laid down golf. Became outspoken on domestic violence, stepped out of my shell, and into the world.
Changes reluctantly made...not too many here, just a few because of growth issues... lost touch with those once part of my inner-circle.
Changes forced to make...buried parents, grandparents, cut off communication with people who are judgemental and self absorbed and tiny in spirit and kindness.
Each choice has shaped me, whether I liked it or not into me, just me, and I do like me, I know my Heavenly Father likes (loves) me, so that's about as good as it gets. Change is good. As far as my life...I want to go out with my hair on fire. With zest, vigor and skid marks. Heck I only get to do this once, so I'd better take care of this present and change today for the better. Peace!

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