Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why in the world

Why in the world to people work so hard at being mean?  Why in the world don't they use that energy for good?  We are a funny creature, if there's no strife we find ways to make things stressful.  If somebody is happy someone always tries to find a way to take that away from the one who's happy.  Misery does love company.  I have an acquaintance that is not stable, this person vacillates from happy, to pissed off, to loving, to crying and can achieve this in the spance of 5 seconds.  I was brought to tears by the person because they thought I had  done something that I had not done.  I was completely caught off guard and stripped down, naked and humiliated by their words.  I was a mess.  This persons articulation of accusations and verbal abuse, I was reduced at first to tears, and then to anger that the thought of being capable of the accusers accusations that our knowledge of each other has never quite healed.  This will never happen again.  The reason I am writing on a past experience with this person is that they are at it again.  So, to set my cosmic energy back to being in balance I proclaim that I am who I am, I'm a WYSIWYG person.  No hidden agendas here, no back stabbing, no gossiping.  I am as true a friend as one could find, I am loyal, kind and generous.  However I will not allow ANYONE to kick my feet out from under me again. EVER!  I will continue my life's journey without this person being a part of it, and enjoy my ride.  Peace

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