Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It has been about a year since my last blog

Funny how life is, some days are intense, some mellow, some, well, might want to be wished away. Many things have been taking up my blogging time. Today I am making time. My life if full of joy and some sorrow. As my body ages, my mind hurries to "do" the things I've always wanted to do. Sometimes my body wins, as in I sold my motorcycle. The vibration hurt my hip and knees to the point where I could not endure the ride. This makes me profoundly sad, as I saw my riding as a quiet form of rebellion. I have really never been a rebellious person, but this was a statement of my freedom, my "being me", my autonomy, my voice, my song. I'll have to find a new outlet for insanity that creeps into my being once in a while. Life does that to most people, but they either don't need the outlet because the insanity is less than mine, or the just blow up! I can get lost in the face of a baby, or a song, or a smell. Maybe my senses will heighten and the fragrance of the forest will be my outlet or I'll listed to music more...........I am just not sure yet what will "take me there". I promise I will let you know when I find it. Peace

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