Sunday, January 4, 2009

I learned something new this weekend!

I have learned a very important lesson this weekend in that I can't be everything to everyone. I used to love to solve problems, give me a situation, and I'll come up with a pretty good solution..........well, at least I thought it was a good solution. Ha! Well, being the "nice" person that I am, I have been trying to update a computer for a friend for the past 3 weeks. I am stopped every turn I take. Yesterday after two-and one-half hours of pulling out my hair, I have come to the conclusion, that this particular "thing" cannot be conquered! I look back on the 3 weeks given to this problem as a waste of time, time that I could have been doing fun things or being productive, instead of loosing my mind, gaining wrinkles and gray hairs. Believe me, I have lost sleep trying to wrangle something that cannot be wrangled. So, I'm beat. I'm vanquished. In other words, I quit. I surrender, give up, walk away, with my head held low. I'm frustrated, sad and perplexed. This is NOT how I want to spend my days, so from here on out, got a computer problem or any problem, get an expert, but DON'T CALL ME! I am a good wife, mother, grandmother, "virtual assistant", and jewelry designer, but I am not and cannot do everthing I think I should do. I must learn to say "no" again. Let the "Geek Squad" handle computers. I need to stay in my "happy place" in my wee little mind and watch the birds chirp, the trees sway, and have a good cup of coffee. I know I'm weak, and insipid, but I'm usually happy and happy was not the word that described me yesterday...the word vicious, and ready to drop kick a computer come to mind. I am ready for PEACE!

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