Sunday, January 18, 2009

Amused with myself, Part 2

I feel that I must clarify my entry from Saturday. Saturday was a blue sucky day and my entry reflected my feelings. I want to add that I have met some WONDERFUL individuals since I've been here, some face to face, some via email and blogs. I am not being a snob or stereotyping people from Kentucky, I was mearly making observations of differences in society. I don't want to be judge nor jury, but, I do have opinions though.
I do not respect nor appreciate the following things here: the political system a.k.a "the Good Ole Boys", the work ethic or lack of work ethic, or the lack in respect for others and others belongs. I find the masses of people here choose to live off the government, could care less about education, or improving themselves in any way, shape or from. They escape, thus the proliferation of drug use here. I was told that Kentuckians were fiercely independent, I have found just the opposite, they live off the government, they are lazy and very dependent on society to "fix" their self made problems. There was a time in my life that I couldn't rub two nickles together, but through determination and hard work, I am no longer in that predicament. I took no aid, I did without, and I feel good that I was not a burden, but became who I am by with I went through. Now, I'm not looking for everyone to emulate me, heck no, just stand on your own two feet. Care about yourself, your children, and their children. Poverty, ignorance, laziness begets the same. I am disappointed in many of the people of Kentucky who will go through life being a leach instead of their own person.
Now back to my original intent for this entry. I want to thank: Beverly and Jody, Millie, Maggie, Donna and Dave, Gin, Mary and Gary, and I want to mention Eileen and Craig who like us are new to Kentucky but need to be part of this group, ya'll have treated us like family and I am thankful that you are part of our new life in Kentucky. You are what real Kentuckians are and have the spirit that makes Kentuckians special and for that we are grateful. Peace has been restored.

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