Thursday, November 6, 2008

Off and running like a herd of turtles

Some days I just cannot get it really I mean it. I'm scattered at best. I do have a routine that I try to incorporate in my life, but at times it doesn't' work out like I want. I would like to add some stretching and yoga into my daily routine.....the only stretching so far that I've gotten into is reaching for the coffee pot. LOL.. I would like to have a mulligan on my choice of care of my body as I matured. OK? I know that's not possible,... but,... how does one make themselves do what they no longer like. I used to be VERY athletic, I was on the track team, tennis team, I taught PE my senior year of high school, in college, I fenced (not on the black market), took swimming, walked, skated, rode a bike that most of my body has gone south and further south than Kentucky, I'm wishing I'd kept up with that as I got older, and heck now that I'm pretty old, it's catching up with me. OK, I'm going to quit whining now, and go get my Yoga DVD and put it in the player and enjoy my coffee while I watch it...........Peace!

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