Monday, July 21, 2008

Each day a new suprise!

I have to admit my title is tongue in cheek. This has been an unusually expensive summer. First I get sick, Dr. and hospital bills, then the fridge goes out, and I put a new stove in too. New roof, it was very leaky, then a new computer, the old one burnt up, I was in a wreck on July 3rd, new car. Now the dishwasher goes out, not on vacation or a date but to the mortuary. This house is not that old, only 5 years old, "what's up" I scream. I'm not made of money. OK, take a it a test of my additude? Or faith? Or sanity? I do not know. Things they say happen in 3's, am I good for a generation or century now? I'm not sure, but it's just stuff, and stuff goes away, problems solve themselves and all in all, life is good. Deeeeeep Breath. Peace! (oh, I put a photo of our granddaughter Sarah in as an example of how I feel!) Oh, ok, Peace!

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