Monday, February 4, 2008

Welcome February

Life is good. I have learned to cherish each day, good or bad, I can't help it, I'm so very happy inside. Yes, I've had trials, yes, it's hard being away from family, but, I cannot help it, I'm happy, just happy.

At this point in my life, "all" is the word that fills me. All the beauty, all the water, all the trees, all the sweet, sweet air. All the little things that each day presents us with, that we can either choose to ignore or embrace. How can one improve on all? I love my life. That is it, I love my life. It's nice to come to this time and place in my life and know I can enjoy myself, work, play, good, bad, each and everyday, because I am alive. Yes, my hips are too big, yes, I don't move as fast as I used to, yes, my girlish figure now resembles the number 8, but, that's ok, I'm happy, just happy. Peace!

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