Monday, June 8, 2009

Wow, haven't blogged for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!

The year is almost half gone, I have spent a lot of this year in a transitional state, and now looking back..."what a waste of tiem. I had a lot of "stuff" on the inside that had to come out, it did, I'm better now. I am again going to "be", to laugh, to have fun, and to not let bad stuff try to recreate me into something I'm really not. I do love it here. It's beautiful beyond belief. The lake, the trees, the little birds that visit me everyday, and sing their songs and show their beautiful colors. We have 4 hummingbird feeders and they are always busy. Our sunflower seed feeders are emptied everyday and the thistle upside down feeders are fun to watch. We usually have around 22 pairs of doves who glean from the fallen seeds of other feeders at the 2 big feeders. Our trees are lush, our flowers are abundant, and the air has been sweet with the smell of Wild Honeysuckle. My Day Lillies are in bright bloom and my spirea, and rose are in their glory.

God has been good to us, he's blessed us with this place, He's kept Jeff working, and our kid's working, and for all of that, I'm thankful. I'm less harsh, more meek, and more soft spoken. I've learned that biting words and attitudes only hurt the ones I love and myself. So, there will be no more of that, only, Peace.....

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